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The National Gallery contains the nation's collection of European art from the thirteenth through to the early twentieth century, over 3500 paintings in total. Each one represents a major artists and major art movement over that period. The collection is on constant rotation, so it cannot be guaranteed that certain paintings will always be available to view, however a highlights tour will

  • Show the development of European art from the religious pieces of the late Middle Ages

  • The explosion of experimentation of the Renaissance

  • The impact of the Great Italian Masters on subsequent artists

  • The development of a Northern European Renaissance

  • The birth of new movements such as Impressionism

  • The gradual birth of a British artistic movement

  • How art got from A to B (the development of styles)


The tour of the National Gallery can be modified to suit your tastes. A typical tour lasts around two and a half hours. Please contact me for information on times, availability and prices.